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You have bad credit and you need a mortgage? Our bad credit specialists know how to get you the mortgage you need fast and easy.

All it takes is a simple 90 second application and we'll get in touch right away.

Take the stress away from trying to find a mortgage and let us do all the hard work for you.

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Getting A Good Mortgage With Bad Credit
Can Be Easier Than You Think...

Just because you have poor credit does not mean that you can’t get a good mortgage deal. If you’ve been rejected by the banks, we have lenders who can help you out.

Our agents have many years of experience working with private lenders and B-lenders who can help get you the mortgage you need.

We Have Dealt With Many People In Your Situation...

Whether you have had a previous bankruptcy or consumer proposal, are drowning in debt, need money to pay overdue property taxes (and save your home) or simply need a mortgage quickly - we have dealt with many people in your situation.

Take some of the stress away and let a bad credit mortgage expert do all the hard work for you.

We're dedicated to making sure you have the best help out there to not only get a mortgage that you need, but also so you can work your way back to good credit and financial independence.

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A Bad Credit Specialist Makes All The Difference

Put your poor credit and financial situation in the best light

Have access to hundreds of reputable B-lenders or private lenders

Eliminate your risk of extremely high lending fees or rates

Have an experienced professional show you how you can consolidate your debt and save thousands

"They've been extremely helpful for someone like me who is completely new to the process, and are always willing to answer any and all of my questions."

Emily G.

Toronto, ON

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How Our Bad Credit Mortgage Service Works

Getting started is very easy and takes almost no time - just 90 seconds to apply through our free online application.

This gives us the basic information we need to let our bad credit professionals determine how they can help you best.

They'll then be in touch within minutes or when it's most convenient for you so that they can walk you through the process and show you the kind of mortgage they can get while working with your finances.

Don’t Go It Alone – Get Our Professional Help

Mortgages can be confusing and complicated under the best of circumstances. When you throw poor credit into the mix, things get even more muddled.

This is why we provide professional help to find you the right mortgage deal. Our mortgage agents will work with you to show you exactly how they could save you a lot of money – despite the fact you are getting a mortgage with poor credit.

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Serving All Of Canada

We have worked to help people just like you buy a house with bad credit, taking out a home equity loan with bad credit, looking to refinance a mortgage with bad credit or get a second mortgage.

Qualifying For A Bad Credit Mortgage Is Possible
– With The Right Help & Advice

Qualifying for a mortgage when your credit is not good is not the easiest thing to do, but with a top mortgage professional on your side you could be signing the mortgage papers in no time.

Get Back On Track To A Better Mortgage Rate

We will help you come up with a plan that will allow you to potentially clear up your debts and improve your credit score. So within a couple of years, your bad credit history could be cleaned up and this would mean that you’d be able to reduce your mortgage rate further.

Creating a long-term plan to reduce your debts, improve your credit score and reduce your mortgage rate is key to saving a lot of money.

This sounds great – but does all of this take days, weeks or months to sort out?

Absolutely not. Within minutes of your application, you’ll have your own dedicated mortgage professional working with you to formulate a plan that will put more money in your pocket and get your finances back on track.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Unfortunately there is absolutely no way whatsoever we can help you if you don't have any downpayment. Actually, where you have bad credit, you would need a larger downpayment than usual - a minimum of 10% and usually more than 15%.

We have managed to get deals done as quickly as 24 hours. So we can certainly help but we can't make any promises or guarantees.

We have spent time building relationships with lenders who are looking for clients by you. They want to help you and are not concerned that you have a blemish on your credit score.

Because of the nature of this lending, rates vary from person to person and case to case. You can expect rates to be a bit higher - unfortunately that comes with the product. However, you could still save thousands of dollars on your mortgage - we will show you exactly how.

Yes, however these will mainly serve as guidance. We won't know exactly what types of rates and deals we'd be able to get you until we knew more about the property. The reason is that the property itself is a huge factor that lenders are looking at for these type of mortgages.